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Great chances to win legendary prizes

About us


Who are we?

We are a small family of motorbike and car enthusiasts, with the public face being Will, who is a big petrolhead. His pride and joy is his Kawasaki Z1000, so if you spot an orange and white Z1000 flying through the countryside then give him a wave. He'll be the one to call you if you are lucky enough to win one of the competitions.

We have an endless list of cars and bikes that we'd like to own, or at least have a go on!

We'd also like the very best kit, from top-notch tyres to riding gear that will last forever, just like you do. 


Why did we start Speedwinners?

Speedwinners was started to offer everyone the exciting chance to win one of these legendary vehicles, and to win some of the best kit out there.

Each prize vehicle is bought before the competition starts, so you can see the pictures of the actual prize vehicles with Speedwinners branding.

For brand new items, such as accessories and parts, we use stock images, and the winners then get to pick their sizes, colours and so on. 


Is it real?

Yes! Please get in touch if you want to talk to Will, he's always happy to chat, and is enjoying building a business that delights people with exciting prizes.

We operate entirely from the UK (have a look at the Ts and Cs), are fully insured and partnered with Trust Payments, so you can feel confident about how your money is handled.

It's important to us that the odds are fair, and the prices reasonable. We also have a lot of fun finding the very best examples of each type of prize that we put in a competition!

We have no direct involvement when our prizes are drawn.  The website itself uses a randomised generator to pick the winner of any given competition.  It then locks that winner into the competition data and informs us.  No humans are involved with this part of the process to keep it entirely fair and above board.  We also don’t allow anyone connected with SpeedWinners to enter, so if one slips through then their money will be refunded and the prize winner redrawn.

We hope you enjoy entering the competitions, and good luck!

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