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Win a Tutoro automatic chain oiler

500 total tickets available
Ends 0n: Jul 31, 2021
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Fit yourself, it's very easy

No electronics or vaccuum needed

Extends your chain life signficantly

A simple to fit and beautifully effective chain oiling system. No messing with the bike, less chain adjustment needed.

Oiling your motorbike chain is a complete pain, and easy to forget. Fitting an automatic oiler sounds like a great idea, but they often need wiring into the bike electrics, or even trying to find a way to make a vacuum system work. This British designed oiling system is simple genius, and works through motion and gravity. The bottle containing the oil has a valve in it that is opened by motion, and then a control wheel to control the flow. The oil is dripped at a precise rate onto the chain, but only when the bike is moving!

No electronics, no cutting and splicing things, and your chain stays oiled and lasts a lot, lot longer.

The Tutoro oiler uses a special type of oil that is a carefully designed viscosity. This means it flows well to the chain, and works its way through the chain at just the right rate.

It's a brilliant system, and so satisfying because it's so effective, so easily fitted, and so clever.

The competition will be drawn on Saturday 31st July regardless of ticket sales, and the winner contacted very soon afterwards!

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