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Great chances to win legendary prizes

How it works

Legendary prizes

SpeedWinners runs fair and fun skill-based prize competitions that have legendary prizes.

The prizes are carefully selected to be the best in their segment, either through review tests or simply by reputation amongst petrolheads!

All prizes are either rigorously checked or are brand new, and delivered to the winners with a big smile.


You’ve got a great chance of winning

Answer the skill question correctly, and every ticket bought has the same chance of winning a legendary prize.

More tickets bought therefore means even better chances of winning!

The number of tickets per competition, and when the competition ends, is clearly stated on each competition.


Every entry can win

Winners are selected by an automatic and fully randomised draw, where SpeedWinners has no input on who wins. We don’t allow anyone connected with SpeedWinners to enter, so if one slips through then their money will be refunded and the prize winner redrawn.


Also important to know

SpeedWinners follows the rules laid out by the Gambling Commission.

Please read the terms and conditions carefully, as you and SpeedWinners are equally subject to them.

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